What’s Happening @ Sporting Clays


What started out as an idea 8 weeks ago has transformed into a very exciting group of 78.  
There are so many positive happenings at the Redmond Rod and Gun Club that I wanted to share them with you and your friends who also may want to join in.  Here are just a few.   
*  Wednesday and weekend shoots are very successful.  Singles, couples, families, groups and even birthday parties have shown up to enjoy the challenge of our site.  Signups are on the website.
*  Four new Atlas machines have arrived or are in transport thanks to the generous donations of sporting clay members.  Additional donations = more machines = fun shoots
* Two 50 target courses offer shooting for all levels of participants.
*  Five stand and the training area is back online with a variety of machines being placed there.  You can work on a specific target or shoot all five stations.
*  Daily information is recorded in the “Lodge”.  With your help, using your membership number, we can track our finances to better serve shooters and apply for grants.
*  New members sign up each weekend as they see the value in joining.  Participants from previous years are returning and find the courses really well designed.
*  Gravel and grading has been ordered by the club from the first gate all the way to rifle.  Parking lot is getting cinders and Carl has hopes to complete the grading as well.  You can donate to this fund and help us finish.
*  Volunteer numbers are up so no one person has to do it all.   We need to continue to build our list to pursue our bigger goals so signup.  Many of you have asked how you too can volunteer so we grow even faster.  Signups are on the web site.  See a specific need that is not listed share your idea at the Lodge.
*  Web site has has been updated in the Sporting Clay area.  Take a look.  Just click on this page RRGC Sporting Clays  and you can find all of the signups for events and volunteering, weather, policies and the most recent information regarding our site.  
We are looking for help in grant writing so if you have an interest please join in.  There are lots of ways to help even if it is just an hour or so setting up for the day or filling machines.  We have teams working on the course, creating documents, doing daily inventories, researching grants, mechanical work, loading machines, creating course menus, etc.  
Good things happen with good people working towards a common goal.  Please share anytime your thoughts.  Sporting Clays is determined to move forward keeping the shooters well informed.  Have something you would like to see done. Bring your idea and a brief game plan to the Lodge.  The desk person for the day will get it to Greg’s Team.  
Thanks so much for joining this successful adventure.