And so it continues.

The entire club is closed through the weekend.  President Gerry was out with a plow this morning and four of us tried to get into the Sporting Clay site this pm.  The road is only one lane so traffic may cause issues with the new surface.  No reason to do harm to a recent expensive improvement.  In the photos you can see the snow is far to deep to make it in without serious equipment.

We were able to get to the lodge and clear the roof.  Tried with four wheelers to get out to the machines to check on them but they too are hard to find and 4x4s do not work.  One canopy is toast and the big tan cover needs some repairs.  Looks like our best bet is when Gerry gives the go ahead to resume work we will dig out five stand, then the green course followed by the black.  Clearing paths to stations, opening machines, checking batteries will take significant volunteer help. 

So as soon as the green light is given I will be asking for snow clearing equipment and bodies to help.  If we all pitch in a few hours we will be ready to shoot.  Heck maybe even have our first ever “We found and uncovered the Machines”  50 bird shoot.  Perhaps Dr. Torch Timm will provide us with one of his bonfires.

Updates – We added 9 machines in the past 6 weeks thanks to generous donations and members who can negotiate.  The course set ups are spectacular.  Five stand has a great variety of targets.  SC and 5 Stand Tournaments being planned for May. Parking lot increased to 3 times the size with directional parking.  Brush cleared and burned.  New courses are being discussed.  Continual cleanup and maintenance ongoing.  Electronic registration and finances recorded.  Over 200 volunteer hours last month.  Always interested in suggestions and helping hands.  There are jobs that can be done at home.  Looking for a BBQ to have on site.  Want to rebuild the front deck and add gun racks. 

Thanks for your patience and willingness to help.  Be well.

~Sporting Clays Team