The Battery Charger Challenge

Harnessing our Central Oregon Sunshine

Sad to report but our battery fleet is aging and a significant portion needs replacement. We’ve replaced a few and added small solar panels as a test, and now the test results are in: the panels and new batteries are keeping the power on. But we still need more power, Scotty!

So the sunny trio above, Jeff McBride, Phil Mitchell and Bill Cunningham, is throwing out a challenge to each of you to help power our machines with a donation of $80 to buy a new battery/solar panel set.

Bi-Mart has offered us terrific pricing but each new battery and solar charger pair costs $80 and we’ve been spending every spare penny to bring in new machines and repair the old. Jeff, Bill and Phil have donated to buy the first three sets and challenge seven more of you to help bring the total purchase to ten sets.

Of course, a donation of $80 per pair is wonderful but we’ll gladly accept whatever you can provide. Join Jeff, Bill and Phil by contacting us below.

Update: Eric White accepts!