UPDATE – The Battery Charger Challenge


Donations from Jim Olsen, Dan Brosier, Jay Walsh and Larry Thaxton took us to the sun and beyond. The thirteen new batteries and solar panels may be hidden off in the trees but we’re all witnessing the improved shooting experience. Thank you to each and every one of you who accepted the challenge and took us beyond what we hoped for.

We need just a wee bit more power

Five folks accepted the challenge thrown out there by Jeff McBride, Phil Mitchell and Bill Cunningham bringing our total to 8 batteries.

Say thanks to Eric White, Mark Coursey, Steve Timm, Ken Tisher and David Riden.

Can you get us just two more?

A donation of $80 will buy the battery and solar panel combos we need to update the aging fleet. We currently need just two additional sets.

The Original Challengers