Let’s be safe out there!

Whew, seems that summer has arrived with a bang. As have the tourists, family and friends, and school will soon be out. We’d like to remind everyone of our safety rules and encourage you to help anyone who may not be aware of these safe practices.

Click here to read our rules but absolutely the most important one:

When waiting your turn or walking between stations or your car, your gun must be empty and the action left open at all times. Over/unders or side-by-sides must be carried broken open with the barrels pointing forward and down. The semi-auto must be carried with the barrel pointing upwards, breech open and facing forwards and the shotgun unloaded; otherwise it can be safely carried unloaded in a gun slip. 5-Stand shooters must unload and keep action open when moving between shooting stands. Never point the muzzle of a firearm at anything you are not willing to harm.

Also, if you are bringing guests of any age who want to watch, they must register at the shooting shack upon entering the grounds and before proceeding to the course.