Incredible Opportunity to Shoot a Tournament Set Up

This weekend we will be opening our pre-tournament 14 station course with 28 different trap presentations specifically designed for multiple levels of shooters. We have come from 5 stations and 10 machines just 9 months ago to hosting a registered shoot September 28-29 thanks to hundreds of hours of volunteer time, grants and generous donations.

Our course setters will be on site this weekend to receive your feedback on the new station locations and thrown targets. It is important for us to have numerous shooters come through the site and share their experiences. So come shoot by yourself using the Long Range time delay system or join a group and break some clays. Why not bring out a group for a fun day in the sunshine at your club?

Five Stand area is being used these next two weekends due to the larger area required to add stations for the tournament. Those who shoot five stand can enjoy multiple targets at any of the 14 stations this weekend.