If we build it they will come!

What started as a vision months ago with a small group of enthusiastic volunteers has become a reality. Thanks to the thousands of hard applied hours and generous donations we have been able to provide Central Oregon with a fabulous course for novice and tournament shooters.

This past weekend 63 shooters participated in our first registered shoot. They came from Arizona, California, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. I could write pages about the days of shooting and reflect on the smiles of each person that participated or observed. Why not just read the comments written to our team about the weekend.

“Very good shoot, good terrain, good presentations, nice host”, Jim Champion

“Darryl set some great targets and the terrain was unique”, Reggie Beck

“A fun course to shoot with great hospitality”, Kevin Tollefson

“Great shoot, excellent targets and awesome staff. We will here again for sure”, Ron Olson

“Everything was done to perfection. Great targets.”, R Snead

Everything was set up perfect! I recommend it to everyone!”, Tom McVay

“Loved the targets. The terrain made it really interesting. The free beverages at the end of the shoot was awesome! Great hospitality.”, Mike and Lisa Worley

Here are a few photos that you all can put into the memory books for your next travel to Central Oregon. Thanks again to the shooters who attended and all that worked so hard to keep our dream flourishing. Come and shoot each weekend and enjoy our site.

My personal thanks to the volunteers who have created an environment where everyone feels welcome. David Gilbertson, Director