Progress while we wait

. . . continues to grow.

There will come a day when we can get back to enjoying our sporting clays and 5-Stand.  Currently, the gun club Board plans to meet next Saturday, April 18, to discuss the possibility of opening or whether to continue the closure.   We’ll make an immediate announcement of the decision on this blog and it also will be on the Club website.  If you have registered to follow this blog via email, you will receive the announcement when it is added.

Until then work continues at a feverish, but socially-distanced, pace on the new south course, now named Twisted Tree for the beautiful spiralling tree on Station 5.  Thanks to numerous volunteers and donors the pathway is complete, the 16 covered stations are all under construction, and 25 new Atlas machines are on their way.  The course will have up to 40 machine locations with each station boasting a remarkable setting thanks to the sporting clays team and their friends.

Donations continue to support the needs of our site.  All of the 2020 goals are definitely within reach and with that comes an incredible sense of pride.  Please continue to access the blog frequently and get others to sign up for updates and a chance to win free targets.  If you would like to help with the finishing touches of Twisted Tree, spiff up 5-Stand, or participate in other areas of sporting clays, please send us a message using the form below. 

We will also be opening a challenging 10 station archery course as we transition from our old sporting clays course to the new one.

Be well,


It’s time to add to the excitement and spruce up 5-stand. 

  • It starts with renewed cinders
  • Shooter station upgrades
  • 8 full machines with creative presentations: incoming, outgoing, left, right, overhead, rabbit, curling, etc.
  • An additional training/warm up station where 4 more machines give simple throws for beginners and those that want to hone their skills
  • Professional lessons are available

If you or your business would like to sponsor one of the 5-stand stations, a large 24″ x 36”aluminum sign will be proudly displayed with your personal message or company logo.  Help us to continue to grow our discipline with a one-time $500 donation that will hold your advertisement slot of five years.  Redmond Rod and Gun Club is a 501-c4 non-profit entirely managed by volunteers.