Personal Shoot Card Wednesdays

We’re hearing rave reviews about the new Twisted Tree course. Come out and enjoy the expansion.

Now, on to our announcement. Wednesday shoots will resume on May 6th but will have a new format to take advantage of the Long Range electronic card controllers on the sporting clays course.

  • Still first and third Wednesdays of the month
  • You must have a personal shoot card.  See below for details.
  • Office will be open for check-in and payments from 11 am to 12 pm.  It will then close so the “no late start” rule still applies.  We will no longer have shotgun starts.  Think of this as open shooting but with a restricted check-in time.   The day’s volunteer also wants to shoot!
  • You may head out to Twisted Tree or the training/warm up station after check-in.
  • Regular prices apply
  • You must be off the course by 2:30 for the safety of any volunteers who may have tasks.

Personal Shoot Cards

  • Purchase your own countdown card for a one-time fee of $5.
  • Pre-load up to 2,000 targets.  There is a discount when purchasing 500 or more targets at a time.
  • A signed waiver is required.
  • The countdown card is only for use during Sporting Clays shooting times as shown on the calendar, and check-in is required prior to each day’s shooting

A note about the time above: This new policy about Wednesday shoots will be implemented on May 6, 2020, but the time of day may change.   On Monday, the Board will make a decision about seasonal schedule changes.  More will be announced after the meeting.

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    1. Good question about using the card controllers. Watch the first 5 and 1/2 mins of this: Instructions are also given on programming a delay so you can shoot by yourself. The volunteers will always help you with a demonstration. Not everyone knows how to use the delay but we will be posting instructions in the near future.


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