Central Oregon Fall Challenge Sept. 28-29

Central Oregon Fall Challenge will be held at Redmond Sporting Clays this September 28th and 29th.  It will be our first registered shoot.  Thanks to hundreds of volunteer hours and numerous donations our site will be ready for all shooters to enjoy. 

Saturday starts with 14 different stations with 28 target presentations and then be ready again for Sunday with another 28 presentations.  Shoot one day or both.  In the sage, junipers and rock formations there is a special target waiting for each of you.

We encourage any level of shooter to attend.  You need not be a member of National Sporting Clays Association to participate.

With a morning shoot you will be able to explore around Central Oregon or slip over to our rifle and pistol range where you can shoot for no daily fee that weekend. 

Rest assured that our team is working hard so you may enjoy a memorable shoot.  There is so much to do in this beautiful area so come join us. 

https://redmondsportingclays.com/FallChallenge/  for additional information and WinScore registration. 

Central Oregon Fall Challenge Sept. 28-29

Redmond Sporting Clays asks that you come and fill the parking lot.  We will make certain that your shooting experience is one full of great memories plus all of Central Oregon to explore after your shoot. 

There are updates and the registration on WinScore is live.   


Targets stay in the air due to the talents of this man

Jim Tier, using his expansive hot rod building skills, is one of the team members that keep birds flying out of the machines.  In January, we barely had enough good machines to do a full five stand and a five station course. But, with Jim’s repair skills and frugal expenditures, we are assured that there are always over 20 machines on the courses, 7 on five stand and a reserve fleet for changes in look or repair.  He volunteers tens of hours each month so that all of us can enjoy machines that throw a huge number of targets very well.  And, even when he is up to his ankles in machine repairs, he always has that wide grin. 

When you are on the range please thank Jim for his efforts.  Better yet, bring your shotgun out and enjoy the courses with him.  There is always room for volunteers like Jim that want to keep our site moving forward.