New Addition

Open regular hours this weekend: 10 am to 2 pm both Saturday and Sunday. Wednesday time change (see below).

Come see the newest addition to our Sporting Clays facility, the Training and Warm Up Station, which has a multitude of uses.  The introductory targets here are helpful to use before heading out to Twisted Tree with its broad variety of challenging presentations.  Or, start here if you are new to the shotgun sports and want to learn. This station is the place to start if you are introducing your friends and family to Sporting Clays.  A third benefit is at the end of the day; finish up at this easy station and end with the positive image of clay shards showering down. The station, located just beyond the 5-Stand, is equipped with an electronic target puller so your sporting clays personal shoot card will work. 

Eric White, a certified instructor, maintains this station with four consistent target presentations:  incoming, outgoing, and a left to right, and right to left crossers.  These presentations are perfect for teaching, and to practice your gun mount, moving to the target, and the different swings (swing through, pull-away and sustained lead).

For all the reasons above, both new and experienced shooters can reap rewards from this station.  Eric is working in the office on Saturday so you introduce yourself and talk to him if you are interested in instruction.

Eric also posts tips on his Facebook page.

NOTE: Personal Shoot Card Wednesdays time change for the summer

  • First and third Wednesdays of the month for Sporting Clays
  • You must have a personal shoot card. 
  • May 1 through September 30 – Limited check in from 10 am to 11 am. No late arrivals allowed on courseYou must be off the course by 1:30 pm for the safety of any volunteers who may have tasks.
  • You may head out to the Twisted Tree course or the training/warm up station after check in.

Personal Shoot Card Wednesdays

We’re hearing rave reviews about the new Twisted Tree course. Come out and enjoy the expansion.

Now, on to our announcement. Wednesday shoots will resume on May 6th but will have a new format to take advantage of the Long Range electronic card controllers on the sporting clays course.

  • Still first and third Wednesdays of the month
  • You must have a personal shoot card.  See below for details.
  • Office will be open for check-in and payments from 11 am to 12 pm.  It will then close so the “no late start” rule still applies.  We will no longer have shotgun starts.  Think of this as open shooting but with a restricted check-in time.   The day’s volunteer also wants to shoot!
  • You may head out to Twisted Tree or the training/warm up station after check-in.
  • Regular prices apply
  • You must be off the course by 2:30 for the safety of any volunteers who may have tasks.

Personal Shoot Cards

  • Purchase your own countdown card for a one-time fee of $5.
  • Pre-load up to 2,000 targets.  There is a discount when purchasing 500 or more targets at a time.
  • A signed waiver is required.
  • The countdown card is only for use during Sporting Clays shooting times as shown on the calendar, and check-in is required prior to each day’s shooting

A note about the time above: This new policy about Wednesday shoots will be implemented on May 6, 2020, but the time of day may change.   On Monday, the Board will make a decision about seasonal schedule changes.  More will be announced after the meeting.

Sporting Clays 2020 Goals are moving forward

When a progressive thinking group of volunteers gather and they all commit to the same vision, great things happen.  At the Redmond Rod and Gun Club the Sporting Clays Team has designed and constructed “Twisted Tree,” an incredible sporting clays course with 16 stations and up to 40 target presentations, all well-placed within sage brush, juniper trees and mossy lava rock.  

Late in the fall of 2019, the concept of a new circular course, named for a distinctive twisted tree on the sixth station, was presented to the group.  In just four months a one-mile compacted gravel pathway was completed and the first station built.  Most of the, now complete, sixteen 6’x12’ stations are covered, four of those elevated. All have gun racks, benches and Long Range electronic trap controllers.  Many have mountain views from Mt. Hood to Mt. Bachelor.

The pathway is golf-cart friendly and easily walked, with just enough separation between stations so that shooters feel as if they are the only ones participating.  All of the materials for construction of the course were donated by shooters and local businesses, and built entirely with volunteer labor.

Twisted Tree is definitely a bucket list course that each of us should put on our shooting schedule.  There is no electricity on-site so the check-in station, maintenance buildings, all battery operated throwing machines, and all card readers are charged by solar.  A friendly volunteer will greet you at the check-in station and, from there, your experience begins.  Enjoy safe target shooting at this club established in 1945. 

Browse this blog to read more about this spectacular venue.  Find additional information regarding all of the Redmond Rod and Gun Club disciplines at their website,

Sporting Clays 2020 Accomplishments and Goals

  • New “Twisted Tree” sporting clays course
    • Nearly one mile of gravel pathways that are golf-cart friendly
    • 16 large stations, Trex decking with 12 covered and 4 that are elevated
    • Up to 40 throwing machines including standard, midi, rabbit, battue, chandelle, and teal.
  • 5-Stand: complete renovation with new shoot stands and eight machines
  • New training/warm up area with 6’x12’ shoot stand and four machines
  • 20’x40’ indoor gathering building in planning mode
  • Expanded parking lot
  • Multiple picnic tables and a grill
  • Much more all accomplished with volunteers and donations