Workday Wednesday Noon Shoot – Nov 6

Pretty darn nice for November, huh? Come out and enjoy it while it lasts.

Workday Wednesday Shoot @ 12 pm (Shotgun Start)

– 1st and 3rd Wednesdays
– Sporting Clays 75 targets 
– You need to pay and be ready to shoot with a group by 12 pm
– $25 / Youth $15
No late arrivals allowed on course

Then come back this weekend. We’re open regular hours, 10 am to 2 pm, both Saturday and Sunday.

Shoot ALL the Tournament Stations through this Weekend

The weather certainly added a challenge for our course team at this past weekend’s Fall Challenge tournament so they’re taking a break and leaving the 14 stations with Sunday’s presentations and menus open through this weekend. I know us volunteers sure want to shoot the current variety.

Even better, just this Wednesday’s shotgun start shoot will let you shoot the full 100-target course. You can still buy only 75 targets but we thought many would like to experience all 100 of the great targets set by Darryl, Phil, Eric, et al. This Wednesday’s Fall Special, therefore, is:

  • Oct 2 Workday Wednesday Shotgun Start Shoot:
    • 12 pm prompt start. Paid and ready to shoot.
    • Shack opens approximately 30 mins before.
    • $25 for 75 targets. $35 for $100. Please pay by cash or check to speed up check-in.
    • If you could, squad with others based on the number of targets (75 with 75, etc.). so the squads can rotate through the course evenly. There will be no 75 bird menu posted.
    • Leftover scorecards will be available.

Standard weekend prices apply October 5 and 6.

We know some of you who competed want to come back and attack your nemesis station. See you out there.

34 on Saturday and 29 on Sunday only slightly rain and snow-soaked competitors.