Twilight Tuesday Shoot, June 25, plus Saturday Closure

As is usual with these “Shotgun Start” shoots, come early on Tuesday and find a squad to join or build one with your friends. At 6 pm sharp, all groups will be assigned to stations and then we head out to the course for a Shotgun Start.

Mike, one of our intrepid volunteers, will be organizing a bit of friendly competition (no money involved). You’ve probably met him running the lodge which he does every month. Give him a big thanks for the effort he puts in — and ask him how you can help! Weekend lodge volunteers earn a voucher for 100 targets.

  • Pay and be ready to shoot with a squad by 6 pm
  • $25 / $15 youth
  • 75 Targets on Sporting Clays

The Lodge will be closed during Shotgun Start Shoots.  No late arrivals will be allowed on the course.


The YHEC OREGON STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS are being held at the Club through the weekend. Sporting Clays will re-open to the public on Sunday from 9 am to 1 pm.

BBQ Anyone?

This deck is looking for a few good donations.

UPDATE. We’ve received two grills (thanks, Jeff and Rob) plus some chairs. If you have a table we’ll be functional as your leisure time hangout. Yeah, this photo is rainy but it’s been spectacular lately.

Look at the incredible work that’s been happening!

With the addition of this fabulous deck (and a little paint), we hope to have some barbecues but we need a propane grill and a table with chairs or benches.

The deck will wrap three sides of the lodge with a ramp on the fourth, and eventually have a roof and more gun racks. You can hang out in the summer and watch 5-Stand. Summer is coming eventually, right?

We can provide the transportation if necessary AND you’ll get the first hamburger.

Anyone have these items for donations? Contact us below.
A big thank you from all of us dreaming of sunny days.

Volunteer Hours. WOW !

Everyday there is someone starting, working on or completing a project that directly benefits us shooters.

During the month of March our volunteers have donated over 300 hours to the Sporting Clay Discipline. An ever increasing monthly number thanks to all that can offer help. Whether it is work from home creating web information or documents for record keeping, setting the courses and running the lodge it is all appreciated. If we collectively want to keep the momentum going come join us.

We developed a 2019 financial and site plan including grant processes for expansion, including the addition of new machines and 5 more refurbished for a total of 31 machines. Rebuilt a gator to distribute clays on the courses. Expanded the parking. Created this blog site. Operational training and five stand. Course designs changed frequently and a team that listens to concerns. Promoted Wednesday shoots and special events. The list is extensive and the best way to see what progressive individuals can do come shoot.

Nothing happens at this site without your generous donations and volunteer hours. So here is some of what is planned and where we could certainly use some more bodies. You can also go to the volunteer suggestion area of this blog to add your special thoughts. Most construction materials will be furnished and always accepted.

  • Paint the outside of the lodge. Anyone with a paint sprayer?
  • Build a deck and covering on the front of the lodge
  • Gun racks for around the lodge
  • Burning brush with Steve Timm
  • General course cleanup of clays, wads, pathways
  • Paint the conex
  • Donations for the completion of the parking lot cinders. We have some and it will start around the lodge, five stand and then out through the parking lot using existing donations.
  • Rebuild or modify the stations on five stand and sporting clays.
  • Excavator or front loader to help with some clearing.
  • Build two carports to replace the lost canopies from the snow.
  • Weekend lodge workers for opening, taking money and closing. You need not be a shooter to do this so bring a spouse or friend that we can train.

There is much more to do and with your help our facility will become the Central Oregon destination for shooting. Give an hour or a day.

Enter your information on this link and we’ll be touch.