Wanted: You Volunteering

It’s exciting to see shooters showing an ever-increasing interest in volunteering.  It’s wonderful to hear that you appreciate the time and energy it takes to produce a great course every week. Our core volunteer group spends over 40 hours per week setting machines, loading clays, cleaning the site, repairing machines, changing batteries, building racks, benches and machine coverings, writing grants, completing administrative tasks, and then staffing the lodge, which is our main necessity.  

There are always tasks and projects that can use your help; some can even be done at home.   We can use your expertise or, if you need training, we will help you gain the knowledge.  You don’t have to be a shooter to participate to help at your site.  We have families that help in the lodge and others that volunteer as a Boy Scout, student or spouse.  

David will be providing lodge shift training this Saturday, November 2, starting at 9 am.  Join him so you, too, can help fellow shooters by taking a much-needed lodge shift in the near future.  One person who opens the course and runs the lodge until closing will receive 100 sporting clays targets which can be shared with your partner volunteers.  It is easy to do and fun.

To help, send David G an email at redmondclaysdir@gmail.com (about any way you can help) or sign up for a lodge shift at SignUpGenius.

Take pride in your sporting clays range. Give back as a volunteer.  

Targets stay in the air due to the talents of this man

Jim Tier, using his expansive hot rod building skills, is one of the team members that keep birds flying out of the machines.  In January, we barely had enough good machines to do a full five stand and a five station course. But, with Jim’s repair skills and frugal expenditures, we are assured that there are always over 20 machines on the courses, 7 on five stand and a reserve fleet for changes in look or repair.  He volunteers tens of hours each month so that all of us can enjoy machines that throw a huge number of targets very well.  And, even when he is up to his ankles in machine repairs, he always has that wide grin. 

When you are on the range please thank Jim for his efforts.  Better yet, bring your shotgun out and enjoy the courses with him.  There is always room for volunteers like Jim that want to keep our site moving forward.  

A couple of reasons we get great reviews of our course

Two reasons Redmond Sporting Clays is gaining traction in the Oregon State Sporting Clays Association (ORNSCA) are Phil Mitchell and Darryl Williams. Phil and Darryl are masters at finding the perfect slot between the sage and junipers to set a station.  They know the balance of the presentations required and never fail to challenge shooters of all levels.  As volunteers several days each week, they provide what many say is “an incredible adventure.”

Join Phil and Darryl for their course presentations Saturday and Sunday from 9 am – 1 pm.  Also, special “shotgun start shoots” are the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 10am sharp, and the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 6pm sharp.