Gun Club Closed

From David Gilbertson, the Director:

The board has made the decision to close the club until April 7th at which time the latest data and guidelines will determine the reopening. My thanks to all of you for volunteering. The new course, Twisted Tree, is coming along wonderfully with several stations built and more going up. If you would like to work on an outdoor station by yourself or in a socially safe area with a partner there is lots to do. Framing, staining, decking, etc. Send me an email, text or call if you would like to come out. We will be there Thursday at noon for a build.

Please continue to sign up for lodge slots and we can modify as needed.

Be well – David

We would love your help with the continuing construction of this new course but do not come out without permission from David. If you do not have David’s contact information, complete the form below and he will contact you.

Stations which are still in need of donors can be viewed on our goals page along with the exceptional donor partners who have already provided funds and materials.

You can sign up for a lodge slot through SignUpGenius.

To view the range closure decision by RR&GC’s board, visit

Use this form to contact David about helping on the Twisted Tree course.

Introducing the 2020 Sporting Clays Team

There are many people who keep the place humming by running the Lodge on the weekends, helping with special projects, and showing up for the odd job when asked, but this squad puts in the time every single week to ensure that Sporting Clays is functioning and fun for everyone. Not everybody has the time for these weekly commitments and we do recognize and appreciate every person who helps in any way. However, we thought you’d like to know who devotes their energies each and every week.

Left to right in main photo:

Kevin Reynolds and Dave Frischkorn – Kevin and Dave are our two newest team members and responsible for machine maintenance. With both a growing and aging fleet of machines, there is a lot of work involved. Sometimes a machine needs a complete dismantling before it can be put back out in the field.

Phil Mitchell – Phil is one-half of our course setter team. This means that he and Darryl Williams move and reset, at times, eight or more trap machines in one day. Additionally, Phil is the lead on laying out the new 16 station course. We estimate that he has re-flagged the new course approximately 1,365,210 times to find the best layout for our terrain.

David Gilbertson – David is the Discipline Director and represents Sporting Clays on the Club Board. He is indefatigable in his leadership efforts, volunteer team coordination and spearheading the improvements we all enjoy at the range. Read about our 2020 ambitions here.

Mike Dooley – Mike frequently runs the Lodge on weekends and is always available for special projects including digging through the snow to get our stations open. He is the team lead for the design and construction of the planned covered stations.

Bill Cunningham – Bill makes sure there are targets in the Sporting Clays machines each week (about 30 boxes worth per week), all batteries are charged, and each station is clean.

Sarah Brosier – Sarah builds and maintains this blog, provides the graphic design work, and builds the behind-the-scenes spreadsheets to help the David and the team track finances, volunteer hours, and machine inventory. She also runs Winscore for the NSCA tournaments at the range.

Darryl Williams – Darryl is the other half of the course setting team. He spends countless hours researching ideas for target presentations and then spends hours more with Phil dragging machines around the course to make those targets fly. We can’t wait to see what Phil and he have planned for the new course.

Jim Tier — Last year, Jim singlehandedly tore down and rebuilt every single one of our older machines. He also provided all the routine machine maintenance and wired all the solar panels you see attached to all the batteries. Machine operations are soaring and broken bird counts are plummeting due to his efforts.

Eric White – Eric does everything 5-Stand: target setting, loading and cleaning. He also provides instruction at the range and is serving as the tournament director for the upcoming May Clays event. Periodically, he will post a ShotKam video with tips on his Facebook page.

Pictured together left to right:

Jeff McBride – Everyone, including us, needs a good handyman. Jeff will do any small or large job required to keep the range ready for action. Just one of his large jobs is maintenance of the three gators.

Steve Timm – Also known as “Torch,” Steve makes sure the range is kept woody-debris free including limbing or removing trees. He spearheaded the parking lot expansion, and built the gates and picnic tables.

Main photo courtesy of Amy Sandrin of Sandrin Studios. Visit her Facebook page for more information about Amy and her services.

Wanted: You Volunteering

It’s exciting to see shooters showing an ever-increasing interest in volunteering.  It’s wonderful to hear that you appreciate the time and energy it takes to produce a great course every week. Our core volunteer group spends over 40 hours per week setting machines, loading clays, cleaning the site, repairing machines, changing batteries, building racks, benches and machine coverings, writing grants, completing administrative tasks, and then staffing the lodge, which is our main necessity.  

There are always tasks and projects that can use your help; some can even be done at home.   We can use your expertise or, if you need training, we will help you gain the knowledge.  You don’t have to be a shooter to participate to help at your site.  We have families that help in the lodge and others that volunteer as a Boy Scout, student or spouse.  

David will be providing lodge shift training this Saturday, November 2, starting at 9 am.  Join him so you, too, can help fellow shooters by taking a much-needed lodge shift in the near future.  One person who opens the course and runs the lodge until closing will receive 100 sporting clays targets which can be shared with your partner volunteers.  It is easy to do and fun.

To help, send David G an email at (about any way you can help) or sign up for a lodge shift at SignUpGenius.

Take pride in your sporting clays range. Give back as a volunteer.