Sporting Clay Team

Every month hundreds of volunteer hours are logged by a very dedicated team. Jim, Phil, Sarah, Eric, Bill, Darryl, Mike, Steve and Jeff are the core team for Sporting Clays. They provide a discipline for all of us to enjoy with course set ups, good working machines, instruction, lodge operations, site cleaning, project management and long list of accomplishments.

Each week I meet several people who are amazed at the progress that has been made since early spring. New traps, deck, storage area, expanded course, updated five stand, clean grounds, parking lots, gates and tens of items linked together. Each project completed is directly linked to club members who have donated time, materials, equipment and funding.

The success of Sporting Clays is dependent on the continued generosity of our members. I thank you all so much for encouraging the team to look to the future with enthusiasm. Be well – David

BBQ Anyone?

This deck is looking for a few good donations.

UPDATE. We’ve received two grills (thanks, Jeff and Rob) plus some chairs. If you have a table we’ll be functional as your leisure time hangout. Yeah, this photo is rainy but it’s been spectacular lately.

Look at the incredible work that’s been happening!

With the addition of this fabulous deck (and a little paint), we hope to have some barbecues but we need a propane grill and a table with chairs or benches.

The deck will wrap three sides of the lodge with a ramp on the fourth, and eventually have a roof and more gun racks. You can hang out in the summer and watch 5-Stand. Summer is coming eventually, right?

We can provide the transportation if necessary AND you’ll get the first hamburger.

Anyone have these items for donations? Contact us below.
A big thank you from all of us dreaming of sunny days.