Volunteer Info and Suggestions

img_1184We hear all the time from people who want to help and “just want to be asked” or have suggestions for the course. The Sporting Clays discipline is always in search of volunteer help as it takes a dedicated group to keep us operational. Whether you can help on a regular basis or periodically, we can always use your help with:

  • Friday course setup and machine preparation for each weekend (filling the machines, checking batteries, emptying shell buckets, menu card changes, etc.).
  • Weekend course and “Lodge” operation: Uncovering/arming the machines, signing in visitors, and re-covering/disarming the machines at the end. Sign up with a group of friends and you can work in shifts so that you can shoot, too. The main lodge operator earns a free 100-target Sporting Clay voucher.
  • Grant Writing: We are looking for help in grant writing as moneyimg_1149 is available for ranges seeking to expand their offerings. We need a lead volunteer and people willing to help with the research.
  • Website maintenance:  Built on a WordPress platform. You don’t need to be a programmer!
  • Discipline records:  financial reports and forms
  • Range improvement:  special projects to improve and expand our range.  This is especially important if we receive grant funding as there is almost always a requirement for the discipline to provide labor.

Good things happen with good people working toward a common goal.

Please share your thoughts anytime.  Sporting Clays is determined to move forward and keep the shooters well informed.  Have something you would like to see done? Bring your idea and a brief game plan to the Lodge for the day’s desk person to share with the Discipline Director.   Or better, describe it below and give us your contact information.

Let us know how you can help or if you have a request.  We’re listening!